Information on rates

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Taxi company in Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture please call a taxi saiwaitaxi

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Information on rates
 New price revision as of April 1, 2008
車種 Distance fare
Time distance 
combined use
Hourly fare
First fare Additional fare
Oversized car 1.2km
10 km / hour or less
1m25s 100yen
Half an hour


Medium size car 1.2km
10 km / hour or less
1m35s 100yen
Half an hour


Other Discount Disabled discount 10%Discount

(Businesses are responsible)

premium Midnight early morning premium(From 22 o’clock to 5 o’clock) 20%premium
Pick-up fee 200yen
○Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

○Shousenkyou, Erinji temple, Kawaguchiko, Kamikuishiki, Mt. Fuji, Zenkoji, Yasyajin Pass, Takeda Shrine etc, your favorite course,We will also offer sightseeing information for medium-sized cars (5 passengers) 4,080yen for 30 minutes.

○The substitution fee is as follows as 365 days / 24 hours
Taxi fareUp to3,000yen\Substitution fee500yen
・Taxi fareUp to5,000yen\Substitution fee1,000yen
・Taxi fareUp to8,000yen\Substitution fee2,000yen

○Various cards can be used.(Taxi tickets of each card company can also be used!)

For those over the age of 70, there are benefits!(For more information:055-232-1777)

○Corporate contract of each company will be accepted(Corporate contracts have benefits!)

○There are sightseeing taxis, corporate contract taxis

Taxi vouchers(500yen・1,000yen)I will sell it.

○Yamanashi prefecture welfare taxi contract(Disabled 10%Discount)

From June 1, 2008,Driver’s license repayment Discount implementation

○Telephone service implementation(free) I will contact the arrival of the taxi by telephone

○Wake-up call service for customers who book early in the morning(free)

○Towel service

Child’s pickup

Delivery service(Sushi Etc)